The Future Of Money: Bitcoin vs. Normal Currency

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What’s the main difference between bitcoin and dollars? Bitcoin isn’t regulated by any government. It isn’t created “out of thin air” as fiat currency is. There will only ever be a finite amount of bitcoin, which controls its value. Once all bitcoin is mined there will be 21 million in existence, that’s it. No one can ever create more (as is done every year with fiat currency). When fiat

Man Is Washing Hands In A Nightclub Bathroom. But Watch Who Shows Up In The Mirror!

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This is so eye-opening, they should install mirrors like this in every nightclub in the world. One of the best DUI adverts we’ve ever seen and we promise, you’ll remember this the next time you go partying. These guys thought they were going to a regular men’s room but thanks to some optical trickery, when they stopped by the mirror to wash their hands a face appeared, a face of someone who

You May Never Order A McFlurry Again After Reading This

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A McDonald’s employee says he was fired after posting a disturbing picture of the ice cream machine at the Louisiana location where he worked. The photo he tweeted quickly went viral, prompting an internet backlash for the fast food giant. The former employee, who preferred to be referred to only as ‘Nick,” posted a picture of the ice cream machine’s drip tray, which is visibly coated in grime

Dancers Pause To Stare At Each Other. When She Turns Back Around, My Jaw Dropped

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Everybody loves a good dance routine. Today, we’re feasting out eyes on this outstanding dance performance by the group Duo Flame. What this lovely couple pulled off is simply stunning. I really can’t find any other words to describe their performance. This is why I love the Internet. You can discover so many talented artists from all around the world. Related: Man Set Up Camera To Record His

Man Spots A Strange Shape Forming In The Clouds, Then Looks Left And Things Escalate Fast

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Every year hundreds of tornadoes form in the skies above Earth. The rapidly rotating columns of air tunnel down from the clouds, twisting and turning as they travel across the ground. The extreme weather events can turn out to be phenomenally destructive, blowing away whatever stands in their way, and stronger rated twisters are sometimes even fatal. While tornadoes have been documented on

Try This Japanese Morning Diet To Lose Weight Fast

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As soon as Hitoshi Watanabe published his book “The morning banana diet”, this diet regimen became a huge international hit. It promises to help you lose up to 10 pounds within a week, without having to invest any special efforts or incorporate some specific healthy routines into your lifestyle. All you have to do is to eat bananas with a glass of water at room temperature every morning, and

Apparently, Men Who Marry Chubby Women Are Happier

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In a new study conducted by the department of psychology at UNAM, it was discovered that men who were in a relationship with chubby women were ten times happier than those who were with skinny women. Here are the ten reasons why? There’s More To Love! Pounds more! They Tend To Be Sweeter Literally and figuratively. They Are Foodies And men love chowing down with their girls. (

These Photos Capture A Beautiful Elderly Couple Who Shows That Love Transcends Time

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Anyone who watched “Up” animation was probably thrilled by the love story of the elderly couple, Carl and Ellie Fredricksen. In today’s times of liquid loves and disposable relationships, it is rare to see a long-lasting relationship. This photo shoot, which was a performance and improvisation on the set, was made by a Russian photographer Irina Nedyalkova. After these images were posted on

Independent Cancer Researcher Says She Was Threatened Over Apple Seeds. Here’s Her Powerful Response To The Government

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Amanda Mary Jewell, who is often known simply as Mary, is an independent English cancer researcher and alternative health adviser, who previously worked out of other European countries such as Bulgaria. In the UK, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) — equivalent to the FDA — has not been happy with her. One major complaint they have is that Mary has been promoting two

Mainstream Media Silent As UN Calls For Decriminalizing Drug Use Worldwide

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One year after ignorantly doubling down on the drug war, the UN is now calling to end prohibition. The drug war is crumbling. A little-noticed public statement issued by the United Nations last week contains a dramatic shift in thinking on the issue of “illicit” substance use. After recommitting to the failed idea of prohibition just last year, the UN is now calling for the worldwide